Oakwood-Slater Hall

Men’s Residence Hall

Brotherhood. Tradition. Acceptance. These are the core pieces of the Oakwood-Slater Hall experience. Bethel doesn’t need fraternities because we have Oakwood. These four walls, 45 rooms, and 99 beds have been around for more than 50 years.

And if the walls could tell stories, they’d include late-night Taco Bell runs, full-scale Nerf wars, Dude Week, and our five-year undefeated run in the Oakwood-Manges Football Game. But mostly they would talk about a sense of community so intense it hangs in the air. Bethel’s not a party school, and Oakwood’s not a party dorm. It’s also not the prettiest dorm you’ll see, but we can guarantee the Oakwood experience at Bethel is second to none. Be a part of the Oakwood legacy and make your first year something you’ll tell your kids and grandkids about!

Manges Hall
Manges Hall

Dorm Set-Up Information

  • 2-Person Room: 14-feet, 2-inches x 10-feet, 11-inches
  • 3-Person Room (numbers ending in 01, 02, 15 and 16): 19-feet, 6-inches x 10-feet, 11-inches



  • Community Kitchen
  • Heat (No AC)
  • Laundry
  • Internet


The walls in Oakwood-Slater Hall are cement block so to hang things you must use special 3-pronged hooks. These may be purchased at a hardware store.


Students residing in Oakwood-Slater Hall utilize community bathroom space renovated in 2023.


Rooms in Oakwood-Slater Hall are not carpeted. You can bring your own carpet if you would like; however, it must be removed during the summer. If you bring your own carpet, you also need to bring a vacuum.

Provided in Room

  • twin XL bed
  • dresser
  • desk
  • desk chair
  • closet

Resident Director