Clubs and Organizations

Get involved on campus.

The best way to make the most of your campus experience is to get involved. Bethel has a variety of groups throughout campus to connect students socially and professionally.

Group of students

Interest Groups

American Enterprise Institute Club (AEI)

American Enterprise Institute Club is a nonpartisan group dedicated to wide-ranging conversation and education on issues of government, politics, economics and social welfare. 

Advisor: Aaron Schavey

Bethel AcaPilots

The AcaPilots is a student-led a capella vocal group open to ALL students who are interested, regardless of major, minor or previous experience. They rehearse according to the members’ schedules and work on music for personal enjoyment and for on- and off-campus performances. The AcaPilots is a fun group with a firm belief that music is an enriching part of life!

Advisor: Becky Branch

Ekome’ (Black Student Fellowship)

Bethel University’s Black Student Fellowship serves to create, cultivate, and challenge students through community service, philanthropic ventures, entertainment, and quality programs. We aim to educate the Bethel University community about the culture and heritage of African Americans. All students at Bethel University, regardless of ethnic background, who have an interest in and concern for the African American heritage, are eligible for membership. 

Advisor: Mondesi Walters

Bethel University’s Theatre Club

An exciting and active club for students interested in theatre arts. Some opportunities for travel. All majors welcome.

Advisor: Don Hunter

Disc Golf Club

A group of students who get together to grow and challenge one another on campus and at various disc golf courses in the area.

Education Club

The education club’s purpose is to provide opportunities for classroom skill development outside of classes, to give students a chance to hear from current professionals on topics relevant to students entering diverse classrooms.

Advisor: Susan Lee

International Student Fellowship

International student fellowship exists to help international students in their educational experience at Bethel University. In a collective and one-on-one setting, the International Student Fellowship advisor assists students with legal documents. The International Student Fellowship also sponsors social events throughout the year. 

Advisor: Sue Matteson


A group for students who have lived as a missionary with their family. 

Advisor: Sue Matteson

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is a student-led organization, open to all those on Bethel University’s campus; specifically, those who may have a particular interest in the study of psychology. The mission of the club is to create an opportunity for students to learn how to integrate Christianity into the field of psychology. These opportunities include but are not limited to, meeting to discuss thoughts on psychology and/or Christian arenas, becoming active members in the community, encouraging others to embrace leadership roles, building confidence of fellow members, and hearing from professionals in the field to gain academic and career insight. 

Advisor: Norm Spivey

Students for Life

The purpose of Students for Life is to defend and promote human life in all forms. This is carried out through education of the Bethel University community about the issues of bioethics, and through provisional and facilitation opportunities for Bethel University’s community to serve, pray, and engage in peaceful political activism. 

Advisor: Christian Davis

The Writer’s Club

As members of the Writer’s Circle, our mission is to create an inclusive community of writers here at Bethel University so that we may cultivate our art, find inspiration for writing, and glorify God’s story through our writing. 

Advisor: Jennifer Ochstein

UNIDOS, Latino Student Fellowship

UNIDOS, Spanish for the word “united,” is the Latino student fellowship that centers around students across campus of Latino descent and non-Hispanic backgrounds. UNIDOS seeks to cultivate, explore, and celebrate Latin American countries, experiences, and traditions. The purpose of UNIDOS is to provide a space to create community and belonging for Latino students. UNIDOS’ presence can be seen through cultural events hosted by members, taking part in community service events, and creating opportunities for Latino students to engage with other Latino students on campus. 

Advisor: Robert Ortiz

Performing Arts – Music

Use your musical talents to be an ambassador for Christ. Bethel University’s student musicians and vocalists make an impact on the church, the campus and the surrounding community by using their God-given gifts to serve others. From classical to jazz to show tunes, there’s sure to be a style that speaks to you.

Instrumental Ensembles

Wind Ensemble

Stephen Allen, Conductor

The Bethel University Wind Ensemble performs quality music from the band repertoire. The ensemble provides students the opportunity for continued instrumental growth and development. The Wind Ensemble performs two concerts each year on campus and is open to all interested students. The participation of both music majors and non-majors provides an ideal setting for a high-quality musical experience.

Jazz Ensemble

Stephen Allen, Conductor/Director

The Jazz Ensemble performs on and off campus each semester, including the popular Jazz Coffeehouse Concert each spring. It draws on the broad spectrum of jazz styles including Swing, Bebop, Latin, Rock, and Fusion. Each February the Jazz Ensemble tours, playing in churches and schools and presenting formal, as well as coffeehouse, concerts.

Jazz Combo

Stephen Allen, Conductor/Director

The Jazz Combo is made up of musicians selected from the Jazz Ensemble. They focus on the development and refinement of students’ improvisational skills. The Jazz Combo performs regularly with the Jazz Ensemble.

Percussion Ensemble

Dr. Reginald Klopfenstein, Director

The Percussion Ensemble performs music that reflects the great diversity of percussion instruments. These include compositions for traditional concert percussion, mallet instruments, hand drums, and novelty “instruments.” The ensemble’s literature includes selections from various traditions including classical, jazz, popular, Latin, and African. The Percussion Ensemble performs each semester in a variety of venues.

Chamber Orchestra

Dr. Vicky Warkentien, Conductor

The Bethel University Chamber Orchestra is an ensemble devoted to the performance of Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary repertoire. Each year, the Chamber Orchestra performs two concerts in addition to the annual Christmas Concert. It is open to all qualified members of the university community and to area residents. The ensemble provides students the opportunity for continued instrumental growth and musical development.

Chamber Ensemble

Dr. Vicky Warkentien, Conductor

The Bethel University Chamber Ensemble is an ensemble committed to the exploration and performance of major chamber ensemble repertoire, with its numerous technical and expressive demands. The Chamber Ensemble performs several concerts each year, both on and off campus. Participation in this ensemble enables students to develop advanced skills in musicality, balance, sensitivity, control, and independence. Enrollment is subject to audition.

Vocal Ensembles

Concert Choir


Characterized by a tradition of excellence, this talented choir has performed in the Washington National Cathedral, Carnegie Hall (twice), the Crystal Cathedral and in countless churches around the country. Open to any student by audition, the choir prepares and memorizes music from all historical periods and in many styles, ranging from classical to gospel. Local concerts are performed throughout the year and the choir tours annually throughout the United States and occasionally to other countries. Ministry and music come together in these concerts.

Opera Workshop

Dr. Robert Rhein, Director and Accompanist

The Opera Workshop program offers students the opportunity to perform staged scenes from the standard operatic repertory. Several scenes are prepared musically and dramatically each semester. As the scenes are rehearsed, the student is taught the basics of movement for the stage. Emphasis is given to character development and other aspects of style and operatic production as they become necessary. At the end of the semester, the students will generally have an opportunity to present the scenes they have prepared, either in an operatic scene recital or some other performance venue.

Voices of Triumph

Dr. Robert Rhein, Director and Accompanist

This ensemble of auditioned singers studies music which is exclusively a cappella. Vocal jazz, spirituals, patriotic numbers, hymn arrangements, folk songs and an occasional madrigal are all part of the repertoire this ensemble rehearses and performs. Auditions are open to students of sophomore status or higher.



Participate in activities from sand volleyball to Futsal. Learn more by following @BethelUniversityIntramurals on Instagram.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Join a team. For more info, visit the Bethel Athletics official site.

Performing Arts – Theatre

Bethel University’s theatre arts program is a great way for students to indulge and express their creative side while entertaining others. Whether you want to be in the spotlight as a thespian or behind the scenes designing the set, there’s a place for you in our theatre.

The Company

The Company is an exciting and active club for Bethel University students interested in theatre arts. All majors are welcome. Some travel opportunities exist.

Student Media

The Bethel Beacon Newspaper

Published throughout the school year, this student-led publication highlights news and events relevant to the student body.

Advisors: Theo Williams & Jennifer Ochstein

The Crossings Literary Magazine

Produced each semester, this student-led publication highlights students’ creative writing ventures.

Advisor: Jennifer Ochstein

Leadership Opportunities

Bethel University believes leadership skills are valuable assets for everyone. The following co-curricular opportunities are available to develop students as leaders for the community, the world and the Kingdom of God. Contact your academic advisor to learn more about any of these opportunities.

Dr. Billy Kirk Social Justice & Leadership Award

Awarded to students of color within the incoming freshmen class who show a commitment to peace, community service and social justice. The award is based on the student’s academic record, personal interview, essay, reference letters, extracurricular activities, leadership involvement and financial need. Finalists must live on campus and attend a summer retreat. The deadline to apply is Nov. 1 — now extended to March 31.

Bethel University Honors Program

The Bethel University Honors Program (BUHP) is a community of driven, intellectually curious students who strive together to integrate deep faith, undaunted reflection and courageous action. We eat, play games and watch movies together. We read and discuss great texts of Western literature, and we attend academic colloquia at major universities in the area. We volunteer at local charities, and we host a campus-wide intellectual enrichment series at Bethel. We go on spiritual retreats together, and we visit museums and art exhibitions. BUHP offers an enriched intellectual environment that nourishes faith, expands emotions and sharpens the mind through an engaged community.

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) at Bethel University is an organization that recruits creative, enthusiastic individuals to help plan and execute quality events for the student body. The CAB is a key player in college programming, as well as an excellent growth experience for its members. CAB members will learn project management, leadership and collaborative skills, and can make a tangible impact on the campus community.

FYE Mentors

FYE Mentors serve as the student leadership in our First Year Experience Program. Mentors guide students through what it means to become a Bethel University student by answering questions about academics, being a connecting point for engaging the Bethel community and encouraging first years through some of the challenges they will encounter during their first semester. Each FYE group will have two mentors (one male and one female) who will foster a family atmosphere for the students in the program. FYE mentors are the student leaders who bridge the gap between academics and Student Life.

Leadership Weekend

This annual event targets current and prospective campus leaders. A special guest facilitator is invited to campus for a weekend to guide students through innovative and interactive leadership experiences.

Resident Assistants

The Resident Assistant (RA) position provides a living and learning experience for the student who desires to grow through building personal relationships with other students, staff and faculty members. The RA position offers hands-on leadership training and practical experience in interpersonal relating, counseling referral, confrontation, personal development, programming and administrative responsibilities. The RA serves as a representative of the university and is expected to live out the Christian life with character and integrity alongside residents, faculty, staff, administration and the surrounding community.


Bethel University students have the opportunity to participate in the Army ROTC program at the University of Notre Dame. This program is dedicated to producing selfless leaders of character capable of excelling in any of the 150 army career fields. 

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Spiritual Life Team

The Spiritual Life Team is a student-led group charged with supporting and maintaining the spiritual vibrancy of Bethel University’s campus. The team meets monthly for times of prayer and planning to ensure that student-led spiritual life programming exists to serve our students. Spiritual Life Team members are involved in Vespers programming, regular prayer and discipleship gatherings, and they lead larger campus-wide events including Scripture 66 and the Collegiate Day of Prayer.

Student Council (StuCo)

StuCo exists for the Bethel University student body and serves as a liaison with the administration and faculty. The council advances student and community interests as well as encourages and funds student clubs. For further information, please email Student Council.