Extensions Studies (BU-X) Admissions

An innovative way to receive your degree from Bethel University

Bethel University is bringing Christian higher education and ministry training to communities across America through innovative and strategic connections with local churches. Bethel is meeting the needs of churches and students through education that is affordable, local, practical and fully accredited.

BU-X Admission Process

Step 1

Admission Meeting – Student services will schedule a 30-45 minute meeting to walk you through the application and help you request all other required documents.

Step 2

Financial Aid Meeting – A financial aid meeting will be scheduled at the end of your enrollment meeting. This meeting will discuss your estimated costs, your financial aid needs, and how to apply for aid, including a FAFSA workshop, if you choose.

Step 3

Registration Meeting – Your final meeting will be with your academic advisor. During this meeting you will schedule your classes for the upcoming semester.


Who should apply to BU-X?

BU-X is for all high school graduates and interested young adults who look to discover and embrace their God-given mission within a platform of vocational ministry or the marketplace.

What is BU-X?

BU-X is a network of sites where students attend to take online courses from Bethel University (Indiana) so that they can stay involved in their local community, church or organization. Some courses will feature an online plus model where professors teach live over Zoom, while other courses will be work at your own pace each week. In addition to coursework, many sites offer leadership training, practical experience and engaging activities for college-aged students.

What student activities are available?

This varies by site and location, but each site may offer volunteer opportunities on a monthly basis, group outings and social gatherings.

What are classes like?

BU-X courses are Christ-centered and vibrant, exhibiting a missional focus that matches the ministry of the local site. Courses are offered in either a 7- week (accelerated) or 14-week format. Each week’s work must be completed before moving on to the next week. Students will be part of a supportive student community where learning is upbeat and positive.

What does a typical week look like at BU-X?

Students have scheduled classes and academic activities for approximately 3-4 days per week to work on coursework and engage in spiritual formation. Students may also participate in practicum experiences, small groups or other student activities as coordinated by each site.

Who is teaching the classes?

Bethel University will provide a quality curriculum taught by Bethel-hired faculty. Students complete classes at your local site. Classes will be offered in a variety of formats including online, online plus and in-person depending on availability and interest in each seven-week session.

Can I transfer credits?

Dual-credit or college-level credits earned require that a student submits all transcripts prior to acceptance for an official review process. Yes, any credits from a regionally accredited college or university would generally transfer. For more questions, please visit Bethel’s Transfer Credit Policy page.

What degree do I receive when I finish?

There are both two-year associate degrees and four-year bachelor’s degrees available from Bethel University. Practicum experiences are available and offer valuable life experience, leadership development and ministry training from serving with a local business, ministry or organization.

How can I pay for classes through BU-X?

Because BU-X degrees are regionally accredited, financial aid is available to those who qualify. Students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loan programs. Additionally, monthly payment plans are available to many students with out-of-pocket tuition costs. For more information, please visit Bethel’s Financial Aid page.

How can I apply?

Students are admitted in either the fall (classes begin in August) or spring (classes begin in January) semesters. Students declare their intention to the local site. Then, after approval, students apply to Bethel University by selecting BU-X as their program of choice.

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