Mission, Institutional Profile & Statement of Faith


​The mission of Bethel University, affiliated with the Missionary Church denomination, is to be a community of learners building lives of commitment for leadership in the Church and world. Bethel’s liberating academic programs challenge the mind, enlarge the vision, and equip the whole person for lifelong service.

Statement of Faith

​Bethel University is affiliated with the Missionary Church and aligns with Missionary Church Articles of Faith. We are a Christian community of scholars and learners dedicated to building lives of commitment for leadership in the church, the nation, and the world. Bethel provides liberating academic programs to challenge the mind, enlarge the vision and equip the whole person for lifelong service.


We Believe

  • The eternal, triune God of the Bible – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – is the Creator and Sustainer of all creation and the Author of salvation.
  • The Bible, consisting of the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments, is the written Word of God, verbally inspired by the Holy Spirit and, therefore, true, reliable, and without error in all it addresses.
  • God made humans in His image, but their sin enslaves and alienates them, ruining their relationships with God and each other. Therefore, through His unique Son, Jesus the Christ, and through him alone, God has undertaken a work of salvation that will bring about the complete destruction of evil and its effects and the eternal redemption and reconciliation of those who repent of and renounce their sin and turn to God in faith and obedience.
  • The Church is comprised of people who are born of and empowered by the Holy Spirit to obey the two Great Commandments to love God and love people and to carry out the Great Commission. Thus, the church is a community of believers who strive to live lives of holy love and mutual edification, while faithfully making obedient disciples of Jesus the Christ.
  • The personal return of Jesus the Christ will bring an end to the present evil age and establish the full and final form of God’s eternal Kingdom. Christ’s return will result in the last judgment of all believers and unbelievers, the reward or retribution that each person has coming, and the creation of the glorious new world which believers will enjoy with God forever.

Alignment concerns between Bethel University and the Missionary Church that have been discussed with your Missionary Church pastor and deemed appropriate to investigate should be described and sent in an email to Dr. Shawn Holtgren, VP of Spiritual Life and University Affairs, at Shawn.Holtgren@BethelUniversity.edu.