Providing a safe & secure campus for students.

The Bethel Campus Safety Department (BCSD) supports the University by promoting a safe campus experience. We provide services with professionalism and excellence with trained individuals working together as a team. Our staff often works with city, county, state and federal law enforcement authorities. Agencies cooperate whenever possible on investigations and crime prevention programs to provide the best possible security and police services to our campus and the local community.

While the Bethel Campus Safety Department provides important services to our campus, nothing we do can replace students’ own actions in maintaining security and safety on campus. Take time to learn about crime prevention and safety for yourself and your campus family. Information and awareness are your best weapons against crime and accidents.
When walking on campus after dark, call Campus Safety and they will escort you to where you are going.

Contact Campus Safety from campus phones by dialing 7-7500 or from off-campus at 574.807.7500. For emergencies, an on-duty officer can be reached at 574.292.8100.

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Area Police Agencies

Notify police where the incident occurred:

Reports & Policies

Crime Report - Clery Act

Compilation of information is disclosed according to the Clery Act is the Director of Campus Safety and campus partners’ responsibility. The required data is gathered from records kept by that department, other University departments and offices, and from records from local, county and state law enforcement agencies, if available.

Annual Security and Fire Report

Each year Bethel University publishes an annual report outlining security and safety information and crime statistics for the campus. This report provides suggestions about crime prevention strategies and important policy information about emergency procedures, reporting crimes and security services on campus.

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Sexual Assault Policy

Bethel University believes in the intrinsic value of all human beings. Moreover, the university is committed to the full, peaceable participation of all its members in the educational endeavor it fosters. This includes a commitment to maintaining a learning and living environment that is fair and respectful and will not tolerate any threats or acts of sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual violence or stalking. Any reports of such behavior or action should be made to the Title IX Coordinator.

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Reporting Crimes

Any crime, emergency, or suspicious activity should be reported immediately to the Campus Safety Department. Anyone may call at any time. You can dial 911 from any phone on campus. Campus Safety’s telephone number is answered 24 hours a day and is 574.807.7500 or ext. 7-7500. Bethel University employees are required to report any crime reported to them that occurred at the university. This policy is necessary so the university can follow federal regulations about the disclosure of campus crimes.

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