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A mathematics education degree from Bethel University will equip you to introduce middle and high school students to the rich potential of mathematical thinking and to model genuine and well-considered faith in and out of the classroom. The rigorous study of mathematics will deepen your appreciation for the foundational ideas and broad scope of mathematics while strengthening your critical thinking skills. Practicum experiences, combined with a survey of modern teaching methods, will empower you to unlock your students’ potential for success in mathematics. Our tight-knit community will support your spiritual and mathematical development as you prepare for a rewarding career in teaching and ministering to students.

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44 states

(including IN and MI) listed a mathematics teacher shortage in recent years.


of recent graduates passed all required content & certification exams to be certified in their chosen field.


of majors indicate that the dual advising from their Bethel math & education advisors is consistent and effective.

Mathematics Education Major

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Program – 4 years

  • Freshman Mathematics Seminar – consider the wide worlds of pure and applied mathematics; consider the rich history and bright future of mathematics, and how YOU can contribute. 
  • Calculus and Differential Equations – derivatives, integrals, multi-dimensional thinking – this is the language of applied mathematics and the toolbox for modelling real-world systems through continuous functions. 
  • Mathematical Theory and Proof – focus on what it means to think mathematically, beyond the computations of algebra and calculus. How is math useful for helping us formulate logical arguments and investigate questions thoroughly? 
  • Discrete Math, Probability and Statistics, Geometry, Analysis – gain a well-rounded foundation in the fundamental areas of mathematics, preparing you well for teaching, or for advanced graduate study.  
  • Education courses – take classes designed to help you imagine yourself as a teacher, consider your own education philosophy, and what teaching and classroom methodologies will make you an effective mathematics educator!

Elementary Education Concentration

Students interested in teaching elementary grades can major in Elementary Education and choose a Mathematics concentration including 12-15 credits of mathematics courses (in addition to Math for Teachers I and II).   

Prepare for an exciting future as a/an:

  • Math Teacher (grades 5-12) 
  • Mathematics Curriculum Developer 
  • University Professor (with continued graduate study) 
  • School Administrator 

Recent graduates have found employment in schools such as:

  • Shmucker Middle School 
  • Penn High School 
  • New Prairie Middle School

You’ll gain career-shaping skills such as:

  • Consider the relevance and application of mathematics in the modern world – think about what makes you passionate about mathematics, and how to pass that on to your students. 
  • Discover how thinking mathematically can help us contribute to the Kingdom of God and to the betterment of our communities. 
  • Beyond Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus, what IS mathematics, and what does it mean to think mathematically?  
  • Prepare for a career in teaching and ministering to students through deep study of mathematics and modern teaching methods, and a broad array of practicum experiences in local classrooms.

Student Teaching:

All students nearing completion of the secondary mathematics education program participate in Student Teaching during their senior year. Our program also offers many opportunities for tutoring and for practicum experiences in local classrooms.

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Mathematics Education Major Highlights

With the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education degree, students can combine their in-depth mathematics courses with the professional teaching skills they’ll need to succeed in grades 5-12. Pre-service teachers experience pre-professional growth through mentoring relationships, a myriad of classroom experiences, and student teaching.

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As you’re pursuing a degree in mathematics education, you may explore pairing it with one of the following degrees:

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Financial Aid

Department aid/grader work study opportunities are available, and tutoring opportunities are available through Academic Services. There are also small merit-based departmental awards and scholarships given annually.

External Scholarships include:

Obtaining a License in Another State

The State of Indiana has a compact agreement with most states. That means that if you hold a valid Indiana license, it should be relatively easy to obtain a license in most states. It is important to obtain your Indiana license first. Other states may have different requirements than Indiana regarding coursework, testing or GPA.

To obtain information for out-of-state licensing, please contact the Department of Education within the state you are seeking licensure. Please visit the United States Department of Education website and select the particular state of interest for license requirements and application procedures.

For current information regarding out-of-state licensing, please visit the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) website.

Have questions? Please contact the Bethel University Education Department, Licensing Advisor.

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