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Philosophy programs at many Christian colleges are primarily degrees in apologetics or Christian ethics. This is not the case at Bethel. Ours is a true philosophy degree. Philosophy faculty have earned PhDs in philosophy from major research universities. Our courses cover the traditional systematic areas of philosophy and aim for a broad understanding of the problems with which professional philosophers are engaged. But we make no apologies for the explicitly Christian perspective from which our courses are taught.

The majority of our philosophy students also have majors in other disciplines like history, literature, mathematics and biblical literature. Our students go to graduate school in these disciplines, as well as law school and medical school, or directly into other jobs. The study of philosophy cultivates the abilities to read and write critically, to understand the subtleties of complex problems, to comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of various viewpoints, and to persuade and motivate — skills that are sought after in any vocation.

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Philosophy Major

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Program – 4 years

  • Spiritual Formation Experience
  • Christian Apologetics
  • Ethics & Value Theory
  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Metaphysics
  • Ancient & Medieval Philosophy
  • Modern Philosophy
  • Nineteenth & Twentieth Century Philosophy


Philosophy Minor

Courses will include:

  • Spiritual Formation Experience
  • Christian Apologetics
  • Ethics & Value Theory

Prepare for an exciting future as a/an:

  • Lawyer
  • Systems analyst
  • Cultural affairs officer
  • Technical writer
  • Critic

You’ll gain career-shaping skills such as:

  • Reading and writing critically
  • Understanding the subtleties of complex problems
  • Comprehending the strengths and weaknesses of various viewpoints
  • The ability to persuade and motivate

“Bethel’s Religion & Philosophy department has given me an authentic, personal experience that has armed and equipped me with insight and passion for ministry.”

Kevin Brown ’15

Executive Pastor at Grabill Missionary Church

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Philosophy Major Highlights

The philosophy degree from Bethel University connects students with others who are studying biblical literature or preparing for the ministry or other full-time Christian service. Students leave the program with a broad base of philosophical knowledge and an understanding of the current problems with which philosophers are engaged.

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