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Musicians come in many forms, and studying music at the university level allows for the refinement of your God-given gifts and talents. The general music major at Bethel University is just the right fit for the multi-faceted musician!

At BU, we offer a music degree for the aspiring musician who sees themselves pursuing a variety of roles and careers in music. The perfect undergraduate degree for those students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in music therapy, conducting, composition or any number of music specializations, this degree allows for a strong foundation of musicianship skills while tailoring the needs of your specific interests and areas of passion to advance your future.

A strong Christian liberal arts education at Bethel University will help you develop a strong musical foundation in order to fulfill your professional pursuits.

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Music (General) Major

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Program – 4 years

Courses include:

  • Introduction to World Music
  • Piano Lessons
  • Voice Lessons
  • Orchestral Instrument Lessons
  • Major Ensemble
  • Music of the Baroque & Classical Periods
  • Music of the Romantic Era
  • Music of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century
  • Music Theory
  • Sight-Singing/Ear-Training
  • Basic Conducting

Music (General) Minor

Courses include:

  • Piano, Voice or Orchestral Instrument Lessons
  • Major Ensemble
  • Music Theory
  • Basic Conducting

Prepare for an exciting future as a/an:

  • Minister of Music 
  • Music Director 
  • Private Studio Teacher 
  • Music Supervisor 
  • Performer

Recent graduates have found employment as a:

  • Church Music Director 
  • Composer/Arranger 
  • Private Studio Teacher

You’ll gain career-shaping skills such as:

  • Playing the piano
  • A high level of music reading 
  • Understanding of music theory 
  • Knowledge of the History of Music and how it impacts us today 
  • Performance skills

Audition for the Bethel University Music Department

All students interested in pursuing a music major or minor at Bethel University must complete an audition. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Schedule an audition at Bethel University.
  2. Schedule a live video audition appointment.
  3. Submit a video audition.
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Music Major Highlights

In the music department at Bethel University, students will be surrounded by people who are like-minded with similar passions as they pursue a music degree. Students will be provided a space where they can connect and collaborate with others as they further their understanding of music technique, deepen their understanding of their God-given musical gifts and broaden their understanding of the impact they can make through music.

Also Consider These Areas of Study

As you’re pursuing a degree in music, you may explore pairing it with one of the following degrees:

Still deciding?

Financial Aid

Music Scholarships are available for intended music majors, minors and talented elective students. An application for admission should be submitted before scheduling an audition.

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