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Art is one of the greatest forms of self-expression and glorification of God. The art degree program at Bethel University offers students a foundation in painting and drawing for students pursuing a career in art education.

Art Education at Bethel is unique in that students earn a degree that reflects the department’s commitment to training students to become excellent teachers and accomplished artists. A teacher’s art-making practice and teaching practice mutually inform one another. The program is founded on creative thinking strategies, visual literacy and innovative studio practices.

You’ll work with faculty members trained in your area of interest and connect with other creative-minded students. Together, you’ll grow and create in ways that help you push your abilities and artistic skills. Our facilities provide you with the space you need to focus your creative energy whenever the mood strikes between class sessions.

Art Education Students

12- to 15-week

student teaching placements


student-to-faculty ratio


of students receive some form of financial assistance

Arts Education Major

This degree will provide you with a great combination of art and education courses culminating in a semester of student teaching.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Program – 4 years

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Art History
  • School Age Growth & Development
  • Educational Pedagogy

Prepare for an exciting future as an:

  • Art Teacher

You’ll gain career-shaping skills such as:

  • Understanding content area knowledge in fine art and visual culture that includes central concepts, methods of inquiry, structures of the disciplines, and content area literacy.
  • Preparation to create meaningful learning experiences for students through both content area and pedagogical knowledge.
  • Understanding the purposes, characteristics, and limitations of different types of assessments in art education, including standardized assessments, universal screening, curriculum-based assessment, and progress monitoring tools.
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Art Education Major Highlights

Become an accomplished artist and excellent teacher with a program founded on creative thinking strategies, visual literacy and innovative studio practices. You will develop interactive lesson plans and curriculum in the visual arts.

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Obtaining a License in Another State

The State of Indiana has a compact agreement with most states. That means that if you hold a valid Indiana license, it should be relatively easy to obtain a license in most states. It is important to obtain your Indiana license first. Other states may have different requirements than Indiana regarding coursework, testing or GPA.

To obtain information for out-of-state licensing, please contact the Department of Education within the state you are seeking licensure. Please visit the United States Department of Education website and select the particular state of interest for license requirements and application procedures.

For current information regarding out-of-state licensing, please visit the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) website.

Have questions? Please contact the Bethel University Education Department, Licensing Advisor.

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