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For Parents of Partner Site Students


We are excited your student is interested in exploring a degree with Bethel’s Extension Studies program (BU-X). The goal of this program is to offer affordable, Christian higher education from within your own community, church or parachurch organization. We are partnering with many churches and organizations across the United States to bring Bethel closer to your home.

  • Is your student not quite ready to make the transition to a residential (living on campus) program?
  • Does your student hope to save money in the first couple years by remaining at home, working and completing coursework?
  • Does your student desire an online program without the isolation of working alone?
  • Does your student desire to remain embedded within your church and community through volunteer work?

The BU-X program is a great fit for these types of students.

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The BU-X Network

The BU-X program provides support for students who are working in online classes through an in-person student life/development piece as well as through a network of extension site students going through the program together.

Bethel has 25+ extension studies partnerships across the country. These are not exclusively with churches, but include parachurch organizations, ministries and non-profits.

Established in 2020, the BU-X program has grown to over 100 students in the first four years, celebrating over 25 students in the class of four-year graduates. We hope to expand our network to include you and your student.

  • Affordable education
  • Accessible instructors
  • Flexible schedule
  • Practical application
  • Faith-based learning
  • Local to your community

Three Ways to Engage With Bethel

Extension Studies

BU-X students study at various locations across the United States completing online coursework while working alongside other students completing their Bethel degrees to develop a local community of learners. Two- and four-year degree options are available in approximately eight areas of study in a hybrid model. Students also receive intentional mentoring and focused guidance from on-site leadership.

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Bethel University’s main campus, located in Mishawaka, Ind., offers over 50 areas of program study for the traditional (residential or commuter) student. The traditional students have in-person access to an amazing cadre of professors who care for the success of each student both in the classroom and throughout extra-curricular activities (sports, music, clubs).


Our online programs offer flexibility for the student who desires to work at their own pace. Bethel students can enroll part-time or full-time to complete various four-year or even master’s level degrees. Students are part of a learning community that gathers in person or online throughout their program of study.

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The Bethel Benefit

As compared with other traditional or online programs, Bethel’s Extension Site program offers your student a unique blend of a learning community, student care and online distance education. Students have access to many of the same support systems and experiences as on campus, while being scaled to size for each extension location and culture.


  • Accreditation
  • Experiential Learning
  • Flexible
  • Affordable

Student Experience

  • Leadership Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • Social Activities
  • Character Development
  • Sense of Belonging

Purposeful Mission

  • Christian Worldview
  • Faith-Filled Courses
  • Christ-Centered Faculty
  • Christian Mentorship

Student Support

  • Admission Assistance
  • Financial Aid
  • Academic Advising
  • Tutoring Services
  • Library Resources
  • Counseling Services
  • Career Services

This model of education is at the price of a community college but with the added value of Christian higher education. Students receive an accredited degree plus the many benefits of staying connected to a local Christ-centered community. Students have access to many of the same support services, Christ-centered faculty and mentoring as Bethel’s main campus. Extension site students are limited in participation in sports and extra-curricular activities but have other unique opportunities afforded to them through their extension sites such as group community service, working alongside others in their field of interest and building their resume and portfolio throughout their two or four years.

Your Student Matters!

Unique Site Experience

Each extension site offers a unique blend of the host culture as well as Bethel’s mission of creating “Christ-centered graduates who impact their communities.” Students have community service volunteer experiences, are plugged into a local church or ministry and are uniquely seen by professors, program directors and the BU-X staff.

Spiritual Life

Extension site directors and staff are highly concerned about your student’s spiritual life and development. Extension sites offer a wide variety of programming geared toward the 18- to 25-year-old age group. Students experience small groups, morning devotions, chapel and real talk conversations about topics related to their lives and a Christian worldview. Students learn and grow in biblical knowledge while maturing in their walk with Christ.


Also unique to this program is a practicum course/experience. Each student can choose to take up to 18 credit hours to focus on a practicum or internship experience. Students are guided by leaders in their field of interest ministry, business or non-profit organization to learn jobs from the student to intern to employee level. Through these experiences students may learn what it is that they want or do not want to do as a future career. This experience is invaluable to their growth and maturation.

Academic and Personal Success

Through the BU-X program and the one-on-one extension site director guidance and mentoring, students are learning how to be the best version of themselves as a student and/or a future leader. Students mature to learn work culture through structured study time as well as interpersonal relationship skills with other students.

"Education wise, Bethel [through BU-X] has provided opportunities for me to study fully online and provided great professors who deeply care about me and my personal and spiritual growth. Though I am not physically there, I feel like family."
Macrina Perez '24
"I wanted a place where I could be curious and explore different career paths, earn my degree, and be part of a community. I didn't think I could find these things in one place, but BU-X has it all."
Cullen Fervida '23
"Being able to experience the career I want to go into and at the same time getting the education to go into has been phenomenal."
Jordan Bullard '23

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If you have any questions about the BU-X partner site model, please contact:

If you have any questions about a site close to you, contact the site director for more information.