Shiloh Renovation Project

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Shiloh Renovation Project

In honor of Nate Cole ’02
1979 – 2021

Nate ColeNate was a wonderful husband, father, teacher, and follower of Christ. Friends of Nate seek to honor his memory and the lives of his wife, Sarah (DeBeck) Cole ’02, and daughter, Lydia Cole, through a purposeful gift. We invite you to join them in realizing this gift that aligns Nate’s legacy and God’s work at Bethel.

Among the formative places in Nate’s life, Bethel University was one with great impact. In particular, the Shiloh Prayer Chapel was the spot where he often met with the Lord, led a student prayer group (Spiritual Warfare Attack Team – SWAT), and first approached his would-be wife, Sarah.

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“Shiloh” continues to be an often used and well-loved place on campus.

This small, peaceful (and now aging) building has been used by thousands of Bethel community members over the years who have gathered to pray, laugh, mourn, sing, read and listen. Prayer groups, faculty testimonials, an annual read through the entirety of the Bible, and worship nights are among the many uses of the space. Here, some individuals have come to know the Lord for the first time, while others have received fresh guidance from His spirit and discovered greater depths of His love for them.

As Bethel enters its 75th year, the spiritual vibrancy of its community remains its highest purpose. Community leaders like Nate represent the truest testimony of such a community. As we approach the start of a new school year, will you join in the goal to renovate the Shiloh Prayer Chapel, that it might continue to be a place of spiritual growth for the next generation of graduates?

The goal for this project is to raise $12,000, which will repaint, re-carpet, install cabinetry and other items in this space. Please join us in giving to this project to honor Nate’s life and legacy. A visible acknowledgement of Nate and his family will be in this space to share Nate’s story and our hopes that prayers and life change will continue in the Shiloh prayer chapel.

You can give online and designate your to gift to the project or mail a check to the address below including a note directing your gift to “Shiloh “Cole” renovation project”.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a gift, please contact Brent LaVigne, Vice President of Institutional advancement at Bethel University

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