Bethel Becomes University

Bethel’s Mission Statement

We are a Christian community of learners dedicated to building lives of commitment for leadership in the Church and the world. Bethel provides liberating academic and co-curricular programs to challenge the mind, enlarge the vision and equip the whole person for lifelong service.

New Bethel University Seal and Logo Revealed

The Seal:

When considering what the new shield would look like, the college made sure to keep important symbolic elements that were established in the early days of the college’s history. These include the shield, flame, cross and helm.


Shield – At the very center of our logo and seal, the shield represents Christ’s presence at the heart of all we do.

Flame – Inside the shield, the flame represents both the lamp of learning and the Holy Spirit. The bright, hot center of our mission, the flame conveys the intersection of faith and learning. Like the Missionary Church flame, it has three tips representing the Trinity.

Cross – Visible in the top left corner of the shield and completed by the flame’s tip, the cross represents Bethel’s commitment to Christ and his principles.

Helm – Bethel’s motto, “With Christ at the Helm,” remains at the bottom of the seal, symbolizing Christ’s guidance of the institution.


The Logo:

The new Bethel University logo is updated from the Bethel College logo to give it a more contemporary, yet classic look in a sans-serif font that is both upper and lower case. This type treatment is unique among our competitors and makes our new logo stand out among the crowd.

The shield maintains the same placement as the old, stacked logo, and includes the flame and cross elements. Bethel’s color remains PMS 293, affectionately referred to as “Bethel Blue.” The flame remains red, but a gradient adds depth and life.


A message from Randy Lehman ’82, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

As we look to our 75th year, Bethel College is excited to transition to Bethel University, a name that better defines who we are now and where we’re going in the future. Simply stated, with bachelor’s, master’s and online programs, and an increasingly international student body, it’s the category in which we fit. Bethel is ready for a name that matches our advancing institution.

Clearer Meaning

The word “college” has different significance on a national and international level. In the United States, “university” typically refers to a higher level of education than college, and in many countries, “college” is synonymous with “high school.” Today, Bethel alumni are living internationally in 64 nations worldwide, and about one in 12 Bethel students were born outside the United States, about one in 10 are exclusively online, and about one in 8 are enrolled in graduate programs.

Staying Steadfast

As part of the Board of Trustees decision to change Bethel’s name, they made it clear that Bethel will remain steadfast in its commitment to provide a Christ-centered education that equips graduates to make a Kingdom impact in the church and the world. Bethel will continue to have a community atmosphere where relationships, mentoring and spiritual formation are at the core of the student experience.

Remove Barriers

As Bethel expects to expand graduate, online and, potentially, doctoral programs, the name change removes any barriers that future students (especially international and online) might encounter in understanding the depth and quality of Bethel’s academic programs. This new name positions Bethel for even more reach and international impact.