Brotherhood Mutual

by | Mar 13, 2023

Brotherhood Mutual

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company is one of the nation’s leading property and casualty insurers for more than 65,000 Christian ministries. Based in northeast Indiana, they were founded more than a century ago on a commitment to bear burdens (based on Galatians 6:2). Brotherhood Mutual’s insurance products and risk management resources are designed to protect the people, property, and reputation of churches, schools, colleges and universities, camps, and mission organizations.

Brotherhood Mutual® has a long history of supporting Bethel University through board membership, event sponsorships, and various other opportunities, dating back more than 20 years. Additionally, Brotherhood Mutual has directly benefited from the skills and expertise of Bethel University graduates who have become valued employees. Brotherhood Mutual is blessed to have Bethel graduates on staff, including several within leadership.

“Bethel University is dedicated not only to providing an excellent liberal arts education but to raising up Christlike men and women who will have the opportunity to help build the Kingdom in all aspects of their life after graduation.

This immense value that Christian higher education brings to our communities is why Brotherhood Mutual is dedicated to walking alongside Bethel University as a community partner,” says Mark Robison, chairman and president of Brotherhood Mutual.

With similar missions and goals, Brotherhood Mutual and Bethel are both working to transform communities for Christ.